Kathryn Saurack Barcroft Interviewed on Capital Tonight

Kathryn Saurack Barcroft, Special Counsel and #MeToo attorney, was interviewed on Capital Tonight regarding the nationwide implications of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report detailing the abuse of over 1,000 children by over 300 Catholic priests. Ms. Barcroft emphasizes the need to strengthen protections for child victims of abuse in the country, as well as in New York State, as only two criminal charges can be brought from this report. She argues that statutory changes are necessary to increase the statute of limitations for reporting of child abuse through the Child Victims Act (“Act”). In New York, another session has ended, and the Legislature has again failed to pass any version of the Act. #MeToo has demonstrated that sexual harassment, assault, and abuse of children remains an omnipresent societal issue that remains inadequately addressed; often times shrouded by both secrecy, social bias and insufficient legal protections.

Watch the full interview here.