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Wrongful Termination & Removal Action Attorney in Washington, DC

District of Columbia Federal Employment Law

person looking sad after being terminatedIf you are facing a termination or removal action as a federal employee, you have the legal right to challenge that decision. A Washington DC federal employment lawyer at the Solomon Law Firm, PLLC can provide experienced and skilled legal representation in a formal dispute process against any action taken against you. The firm will vigorously assert your rights and protect your interests in these federal employment law matters.

Why Choose Us to Challenge Your Termination?

If you are facing termination or removal as a disciplinary action or in any context, an attorney at the firm can review the facts of your case and advise you on your legal options and how to proceed. Our firm is fully prepared to investigate the facts of your case. If you feel that a termination, removal, demotion, or some other disciplinary action is inappropriate, our firm will work tenaciously to help you challenge and rectify the situation. Even in cases where the termination or removal has already occurred, a DC federal employment law attorney at the firm can challenge the decision with appropriate evidence and work to get it reversed.

The firm has been effective in aggressively representing federal employees across the country in cases involving adverse or disciplinary actions such as demotion, suspension, or removal. If you are looking for experienced and exceptional legal service in asserting your rights under federal employment law, you will benefit from consulting with an attorney at the firm about the specific facts of your case. The firm has proven results in the specialized field of federal employment law.

What Are Grounds for Wrongful Termination in DC?

It is possible to terminate an employee wrongful even if the employment relationship is at will. There are common exceptions to this rule:

  • Violations of contracts: An employer may not fire you if there is a contract that outlines what actions or omissions lead to dismissal. As long as there is a collective bargaining agreement, an employer cannot fire you at will.
  • Statutory exceptions: Even with contractual agreements in place, an employer cannot terminate you if the termination violates a state or federal statute. The violations include age discrimination, disability discrimination, and retaliation for reporting whistleblowers. Among the statutes that protect employees from unlawful termination is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  • A violation of public policy: Washington, D.C. employment law prohibits unlawful terminations for violations of public policy. Refusing to participate in illegal activities or carrying out a public duty are examples of such violations.

Due to the fact that Washington, D.C. operates under an at-will employment system, wrongful termination claims may be difficult to prove. As a result, they require employment lawyers with experience. Wrongful termination claims must be proved, however, if you believe your termination was unwarranted or unlawful.

What Can Be Done About Wrongful Terminations?

You must file your wrongful termination claim within a fixed deadline in all cases. Your wrongful discharge claim must be filed within three years in Washington, D.C. If all legal procedures are followed, your employer may be able to restore your previous position, award you monetary compensation for your losses during the dismissal period, and award you punitive damages.

Contact a DC Federal Employment Lawyer at the firm today if you are facing a termination or removal or other disciplinary action as a federal employee.


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