Solomon Law Firm, PLLC Attorney Kathryn Barcroft Interviewed on Capital Tonight Regarding Mandatory Reporting for Abuse in New York Schools

Solomon Law Firm, PLLC Attorney Kathryn Barcroft returned to Capital Tonight to discuss the recent law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, which closes the mandatory-reporting loophole for private schools in New York, as well as public schools in New York City.

Previously, only public schools outside of the city were required to report signs of sexual abuse to law enforcement. Private schools were not included in these requirements, and many only used internal reporting methods, which effectively covered up allegations of sexual abuse. These began to come to light in recent years when students from schools such as Emma Willard, Horace Mann, and the Nichols School disclosed abuse that took place at the schools in decades prior.

This new law now requires mandatory reporting schools in New York and also expands the definitions of who must report to not only teachers and administrators, but also physical therapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, teacher’s aides, school resource officers, and contracted bus drivers. If a member of the school’s staff or administration does not report an incident of abuse, they will receive a Class A misdemeanor, a fine up to $500 and could potentially lose their license.

Attorney Barcroft’s entire interview can be watched here.