Washington Post: Retired Col. Kathy Spletstoser wasn't able to stop Joint Chief's vice chairman Gen. John Hyten from being confirmed. But she's not done with him.

Solomon Law Firm attorneys representing retired Col. Kathy Spletstoser against the Military’s Number 2. Col Spletstoser climbed the ranks quickly during her time with the United States Army, reaching the rarefied rank of full-bird Colonel before her retirement in 2019.

“For Spletstoser, embarking on what could be seen as her latest-fix-it job has meant challenging one of America's most powerful men –four-star General John E. Hyten. He is the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military’s second-highest-ranking officer and has recently been coordinating the military response to coronavirus pandemic as co-chair of Defense Department's COVID-19 task force." 

Spletstoser has accused Hyten of sexually assaulting her more than half a dozen times while she was under his command and then retaliating against her…”  Read more about Col Spletstoser’s lawsuit against Hyten in the Washington Post article here, quoting Ariel E. Solomon, Founding & Managing Principal of Solomon Law, and Col. Don Christensen (ret)., President of Protect Our Defenders and former Chief Prosecutor for the United States Air Force.