Solomon Law Firm, PLLC attorney Kathryn Barcroft Interviewed on CBS 6 about New York Sexual Harassment Laws

Solomon Law Firm, PLLC attorney Kathryn Barcroft has been recently interviewed on CBS 6 regarding the upcoming New York State laws pertaining to sexual harassment in the workplace. The laws, which will be in effect by October 9, 2018, will require a sexual harassment policy and by October 9, 2019 will require all employees to undergo sexual harassment prevention training for all companies in New York, regardless of size. The law will also extend to “non-employees,” such as contractors. The policies must clearly define what sexual harassment is, examples of that behavior, precisely how to file a complaint, and an investigation process. The policies must also outline that retaliation for making a complaint or being a witness in a complaint is prohibited.

In her interview, Ms. Barcroft, who has two decades of experience, states there has been a recent “evolution” in the way that sexual harassment is being handled in the workplace. This evolution follows the #MeToo movement, and due to these new laws, will extend to all workplaces in New York State.

Watch the full interview here.