Attorney Rebecca Solomon Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs

Rebecca Solomon, Esq. is of Counsel with the Solomon Law Firm, PLLC and is well known for providing uncompromising representation for federal employees and active and former members of military reservists. She is now even further qualified to represent clients before the Department of Veterans Affairs. To attain this accreditation, Ms. Solomon had to complete an extremely long application process, one where she had to demonstrate that she had the character and legal qualifications that are required.

This also entailed Ms. Solomon's completing advanced legal education work through the state bar association to qualify for the VA accreditation. Rebecca provides tenacious representation on all issues affecting federal employees. She represents clients in such as adverse actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, and termination and removal actions.

If you are a federal employee facing such threats to your career and reputation, the Solomon Law Firm, PLLC can assist you regardless of where you are located. The firm offers consultations and an online evaluation form, so that your legal inquiry can be forwarded to one of our federal employment attorneys who is in the best position to be able to provide immediate assistance.